Alpensterne is one of the most unique and musically diversified groups performing today. The group performs some of Germany’s most loved folk songs with Jim Strehlke’s incredible jodeling. Jim mastered the art of European jodeling from one of Germany’s greatest, Sepp Diepolder. Recently he was hired by Walt Disney to jodel "The Silly Song" from Snow White which will be featured on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Jim has a wonderful singing voice, and plays trumpet, baritone and bass guitar. One of the crowd favorite participation numbers is “name that tune” performed on the 15 foot Swiss Alphorn.
Winzige Hosen
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Gogol Bordello had a date with Frankie Yankovic in a bier hall? Well you might end up with something like Winzige Hosen. With Brian Schanzenbach on accordion and Kala Shepersky on tuba, they bring the classic polka sound and mix it in with the rock and punk styles of Luke Nyen and Abe Curran on guitar, Nikki Moeller on bass, Al Bastien on drums and Patrick Sunderland on trumpet. This polka-punk band is sure to keep our bier hall rocking!
Oktoberfest All Stars
The Oktoberfest All Stars are a part of a larger group called the "Singing Slovenes", who are known as, "Minnesota's Ambassadors of Traditional Slovenian Music" and have been performing together for almost 40 years.  Under the leadership of Director, Frank Bucar, and Assistant Director, Mary Spehar White, they are anchored by All Star Accordionist, Joe Jagunich.  Many of their songs have the flavoring of the "Oberkrainer" style bands from Slovenia who play predominately in Germany and Austria.  Whether they are performing Oktoberfest style music or traditional Slovenian music, you will enjoy their lively music and high energy.
Gasper Krek
Kerry Christensen – Master Yodeler
Lake Superior Low Brass Ensemble
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