Arts & Crafts Markthaus

Arts & Crafts Markthaus

Stop by the Arts and Crafts Markthaus to experience regional and Bavarian craftsmanship. Pick up lasting memories of this year’s festival and browse through the wares from a variety of regional arts and crafts booths.
If interested in showcasing some of your own work at the Duluth Oktoberfestival, please follow the application link below for further details:




COGITO PRINTS – Relief prints, coasters, cards, and custom bags

CUTCO CUTLERY – High quality kitchen knives and products

DEUTSCHES HAUS – Hats imported from Germany

DULUTH SCREEN PRINTING CO. – The official Duluth Oktoberfestival merchandise vendor providing custom made apparel onsite

HAUNTED SHACK – Promotion for Minnesota’s Scariest Haunted House & Hayride

I DREAM AS JEANNE – Handmade necklaces and bracelets

INSECTA ETCETERA – Butterfly and insect art as well as hand-painted driftwood and reclaimed wood signs

LAKE SUPERIOR JEWELRY – Handcrafted jewelry made with materials straight from the shores of Lake Superior

MINNESOTA KRAMPUS – Promoting the culture and customs of the winter holiday traditions from the area around Salzburg, Austria with hats, shirts, and scarves

RARITY NAILS – Nail polish strips and mineral fusion nail polish remover

TRIPLE MOON CRAFTS – Handmade jewelry and watercolor artwork

WIPFLI – Accounting and business consulting firm displaying promotional items

WONDROUS CRANE – Handcrafted ceramic pieces that are functional, simple, and open for interpretation

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS – A variety of essential oils